New Silent Hill Game Confirmed Through Leaked Images

After what seems like an age, a new Silent Hill game could be on the horizon. Almost a decade after the announcement and subsequent cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, and the beloved survival horror franchise has been dormant. However, that all changed today when several images, supposedly from a new Silent Hill game from Bloober Team, leaked online. They came from renowned leaker DuskGolem, who shared the images on Twitter. Intriguingly, they were subsequently taken down via copyright strike, giving currency to rumors that Silent Hill could make a return.

New Silent Hill Game Leaked on Twitter

new Silent Hill game

Yes, if DuskGolem’s leaks are anything to go by, a new Silent Hill game is deep into development. There are four images out there, which you can see here, purportedly from a new Silent Hill entry. They look nothing like Silent Hills or the PT demo that came before it though. That said, they do seem to retain the first-person perspective.

The first image shows a young woman with paper etched over her face. Those notes utter phrases like “I hate myself,” in keeping with the series’ psychological roots. That’s followed by an image of a blood-red hallway with said paper littering the walls, and a specter made of these scraps lurking at the end. The two other images show an abandoned bedroom, littered with trash, and an equally messy countertop.

Of course, these aren’t definitive proof of a Silent Hill revival. DuskGolem assured followers that further proof exists, but all we have is their word. Until Konami publicly comments on the leaks, it’s hard to know whether they belong to Silent Hill, or any number of other horror franchises. However, the psychological leaning of the images certainly fits the bill. Equally, the fact the images were struck down so quickly definitely points to it being more significant than just some random leaks.

As such, we could be on the precipice of a long-awaited Silent Hill revival. While we may never get to see what Hideo Kojima had in store for the series, it’ll be nice to have it back regardless.