New World Aged Wood | How to Get

Aged Wood is one of the first crafting materials you’ll come across while playing Amazon’s New World. Similar to Silver Ore, Aged Wood is a tier two material that can be found in pretty much every region of Aeternum. You’ll need the material very early on in the game for the quest Lumberjack Needed, which requires you to collect 80 pieces of Aged Wood. But since this is an MMORPG, you will of course need to put in a bit of work before you can unlock the ability to harvest the wood. Keep reading to find out how the process works.

How to Get Aged Wood in New World

How to Get Aged Wood in New World

In New World, your Logging skill is used to chop down trees and collect their wood. At the start of the game, you will only be able to harvest Young Trees. These yield Green Wood, which has a variety of uses like helping you level up Engineering quickly. You’ll need to cut down Young Trees until your Logging skill reaches at least level 50. Once you get there, you’ll unlock the ability to chop Mature Trees and gather Aged Wood from them.

In addition to a level 50 Logging skill, you’ll also need a Logging Axe to start cutting down Mature Trees. There are five types of Logging Axes in New World, and any of them can be used to collect Aged Wood. However, you’ll be able to harvest trees a lot faster by using a higher tier axe. There is also a Territory Standing bonus that will allow you to gather wood even faster.

Basic Flint axes can be purchased from the trading post or crafted at a workshop using 1x Flint and 1x Green Wood. Green Wood can be gathered from bushes without any special tools. But keep in mind that getting the wood from bushes will not increase your Logging skill.

Once you have an axe in your inventory, find a forest that has a good amount of Mature Trees. There are a few of them scattered throughout New World, including one just southwest of the Windsward settlement. This is a great place to farm Aged Wood, especially for beginners, since it’s in one of the starting areas. Also, you can use the nearby settlement to store the collected wood.