New World Azoth | How to Get

To say that Azoth is important in New World is an understatement. Aside from acting as a form of currency, it can also be used while crafting materials to gain perks. There’s no doubt that there will be more ways to use Azoth, so collecting as much of it is highly recommended. There are a few ways that you can get it, so keep on reading to see which way you prefer.

How to Get Azoth in New World

New World How to Get Azoth Guide

Not only can you get Azoth from completing quests in New World, but you can also farm it from enemies. When you encounter an enemy mob, make sure that their level is at 20 or above. These foes will produce a high chance of Azoth being dropped. In addition to the mob, a few individuals with a blue aura have more of a guaranteed drop of the mineral.

But if finding mobs becomes tedious, you can always clear out a Corrupted Breach with a buddy or two. The Corrupted Acolytes will be relentless in their defense to claim territories. They will come in waves, so be prepared with some firm weapons and armor when the action commences. Not only can it get tough, but it can get crowded, too. Just slice your way through these waves, and you’ll get some special rewards for your efforts.

As aforementioned, you can get Azoth from finishing quests in the game. So, in other words, playing through the story is the definite way to receive it. There’s also a good chance that a rare chest will house some, but that will take some digging around. Another method is to participate in Invasions, which will see the players going up against vicious waves of foes. If you fight till the end, you’ll receive handsome rewards that include Tokens, Coin, Azoth, and more.

When you’re crafting an item, you can apply as much of the mineral to the process that’ll generate bonus perks for you. Azoth is also used for fast travel in the game, and the amount needed will depend on how far you want to go. It can also respec a weapon’s Mastery Tree so that you can experiment with different abilities and modifications.

With the game in its beta phase, there is the fair assumption that Azoth will be utilized in more ways than the ones we mentioned here. So until then, farm as much as you can while the servers are still up.

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