New World Best Territory Standing Upgrades

Territory Standing is a form of progression in New World that works similarly to the regular character leveling system. You can think of it as your reputation within each of the game’s Territories. You can increase your Standing by completing quests, killing enemies, crafting, and performing various other activities that reward reputation. Once you have enough reputation, your Territory Standing inside that region will increase and you will receive three upgrades to choose from. The upgrades you should pick largely depend on your play style, but as it turns out, some choices are definitely better than others.

What are the Best Territory Standing Upgrades in New World?

What are the Best Territory Standing Upgrades in New World?

It’s worth noting that while New World allows you to respec your character, it does not allow you to reset Territory Standing bonuses. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you can (and should) prioritize different upgrades for different Territories. For instance, you can focus on XP gains in one region and gathering in another one.

Choosing the best Territory Standing upgrades in New World requires some advanced planning and varies from character to character. But, for the most part, here are the upgrades you’ll want to focus on:

XP Gain

XP Gain is a very powerful bonus when you’re just starting out, but gradually becomes obsolete as you approach max level. We recommend getting this as your first upgrade in most Territories and focus on other bonuses afterward.


Arguably one of the best Territory Standing upgrades in New World, Storage is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll find yourself collecting a lot of stuff while playing the game, so make sure to grab the Storage upgrade every time it comes up.

Standing Gain

Just like XP Gain, you’ll want to grab one of the Standing Gain upgrades early on, then focus on other bonuses afterward. Unless, of course, you want to quickly increase your Territory Standing in a specific region. In that case, you should stack a few more Standing Gain cards from time to time.

Trading Tax and Station Fee

These two are equally important if you plan on doing a lot of crafting and trading in New World. Being good at taking advantage of the in-game economy will be very helpful once you reach the endgame.

Gathering Speed

Speaking of which, you’ll also want to spend some points on increasing your gathering speed if you plan on making bank in New World. The bonus has diminishing returns later on but is quite powerful in the early stages.

Faction Token Gain

This is a pretty weak bonus that won’t bring you a lot of advantages if you’re new to the game. We recommend prioritizing this only if you’re fairly familiar with crafting and trading.

House Ownership

This is a good bonus to pick if you want to buy a house in the Territory you’re currently playing in. Otherwise, you can skip it and worry about housing later.

Housing Items

This is another upgrade you’ll want to pick only if you want to focus on housing early on.

Propriety Tax Reduction

Pick this only if you’re heavily focused on housing.

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