New World Beta Level Cap | What Is the Max Level?

New World is here! Mostly, anyway. The closed beta has been going strong, and the game itself is showing a lot of potential. So much so, in fact, that some people have already seen a lot of the secrets that Aternum has to offer. Of course, even beta players will eventually reach the level cap of New World. While the MMO may not show all of its secrets right off the bat, knowing what the cap is might help us know what the growth scale looks like. So, what is it?

What Is the Max Level Cap in the New World beta?

New World Level Cap

The max level cap of the New World beta is 60, from the starting level of 1. Since reaching the cap at level 60 is actually a fairly hard goal to reach, we don’t currently know what the endgame of New World is going to look like.

Still, the current content of New World shows that the developers are very interested in free-flowing combat and huge dungeons. Leveling up works somewhat similarly to standard MMOs; combat, missions, side quests, and more will grind you slowly but surely to level 60. But while there are quite a few players that are on the path to level 60, there is no real hardcore grinding method that is yet known. Plus, it’s likely that any shortcuts or exploits found during the beta will be modified or removed for the full release. You’ll get to level 60 as long as you put in the time and dedicate yourself to the main story and side quests!

The New World closed beta ends on August 2. If you were not able to get the game, it currently has several Twitch streamers that can help you live vicariously through the New World experience.

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