New World Briar Branches Location | Where To Find

New World has items and gathering points galore. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you’re going to end up getting lost. And this is especially true when the game hides its content behind specific conditions! Players have been wondering where they can gather briar branches, since they don’t seem to be part of any traditional gathering node pools. Is there something that players are missing? Where do you get these brambly crafting ingredients?

Where to Find Briar Branches in New World

New World Briar Branches

Briar Branches are located inside of the “Briar” gathering node, only if you have the quest “A Prickly Request.” Briar nodes are small bushes that have no leaves and look thorny. You can gather inside of these nodes without tools, and gathering within them will grant you a briar branch if you have the quest. Otherwise, the nodes have Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly Bait.

Briars are perhaps the weirdest gathering node that New World has to offer. It’s just a pile of thorny branches that you can find near rivers or in plains. They’re very easy to see by rivers, since they clash with the riverbed so much. Head to rivers like in Windsward if you’re having trouble finding them. You should discover them in time.

Briar Branches are nearly drops from these gathering points if you are in “A Prickly Request.” That’s good, because you won’t find too many of these bramble pockets in the same area. Make sure you have the quest and have gotten to the point where you need a Briar Branch before you start gathering. Otherwise, all you’ll get are Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly bait. Fine items, but not what you’re looking for!

The Briar Branch is a tier II ingredient that is only for the “A Prickly Request” quest. You just need it for that quest’s potion. You do not need to save any extras you collect!

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