New World Character Transfer | How to Change Servers

Having launched out of beta, New World is now available to the masses, and the masses have logged on in droves. In fact, so many players have logged on that servers are experiencing periods of severe congestion. During these frustrating times it would make sense to perform a character transfer to a less-populated server, but how does that work?

How to Transfer New World Characters to a New Server

What are the steps for a character transfer in New World

For now, there no way to transfer your character to another server in New World. However, the developers at Amazon Games announced on the game’s official Twitter that they would implement a free server transfer for any players who desire one. We’ll be sure to update this guide on the process once the information becomes available.

The statement reads: “Our sole focus right now is to get everyone logging in and playing quickly. To ensure everyone can find an open world now, while also finding a home in Aeternum with their community long-term, we’ll offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost.”

Subsequent tweets from the New World Twitter account elaborated that players will not only be able to transfer their characters to existing servers, but also swap between regions, stating: “Yes, you can move between regions if you want.”

Stating this feature could come within “the next two weeks” is pretty vague, but we here at Guide Fall will be keeping an eye out for when this comes available to players, and will be ready to update and inform you how to easily perform your character transfer! New World released on PC on September 28th, 2021.

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