New World Cinnamon Location | Where to Find

New World has way too many materials to reasonably track. From plants to animals and everything in-between, you’ll be forgiven if you’re tired of it all! Since this world is fantasy, it can be hard to tell where anything is. New World Cinnamon is one of these materials that can be a bit weird to find, but also rewarding to collect. This seasoning is easy to collect once you know where it is! So, our guide will do exactly that.

Where to Find Cinnamon in New World

New World Cinnamon

Cinnamon in New World is located in Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, and First Light. In order to collect them, simply harvest a Herb Plant in one of those three regions. There is a chance to get between 0 and 2 Cinnamon doses per pull. Then, you may use it as a Seasoning in any recipe that calls for a Tier 1 Seasoning.

Herb resource nodes are purple, stalk-like plants that you will find scattered throughout forests and grasslands. You can harvest these nodes only if you have a Sickle.

Unfortunately, there is no natural way to collect cinnamon and have it be guaranteed. While you’re harvesting herb pulls, you’re just going to have a chance at collecting the resource. Normally, you’ll only get Hyssop… Which can be quite frustrating to get after the first few hundred times!

Thankfully, most herbs serve the same purpose; to act as cooking materials. Cinnamon is specifically used in only a handful of recipes, such as Herb-roasted potatoes or Melon Infusions. Usually, it is only used as a tier 1 Seasoning. Still, it’s handy to have as a crafting item, if you plan on being a chef or just plan on cooking some meals. Heck, even roles such as fishing need seasonings in order to get the right bait! Cinnamon is universally pretty handy.

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