New World Dragonglory Flower | Where to Find

There are a lot of things to gather in New World, and not all of them are obvious. With a massive environment to explore, you’re definitely going to miss a few things as you wander through the continent. And when some quests require very specific items, you’re going to need to know exactly where some of these items are! If you’re looking for the Dragonglory Flower – or the Stem and Leaf – you’ve come to the right place!

Where to Find Dragonglory Flower in New World

New World Dragonglory Flower

In order to find a Dragonglory Flower in New World, you’ll have to be in Windsward. Head into the wilderness of the area and look for a pretty, large, red-blooming plant with one flower. That’s your target, which you can harvest as long as you have a sickle in your hand. Then, you’ll have a chance of collecting a Dragonglory Stem, Leaf, and Flower, depending on your Harvesting level.

Once you see your first Dragonglory, you’ll never have trouble seeing it again. It’s a massive red flower that is honestly really pretty to look at! You can’t harvest from it until you have 30 Harvesting. And you can’t track it until you reach 45, meaning you have quite a ways to go! Thankfully, it’s not too hard to level up fast in New World!

Now, you’re fairly likely to collect Fire Motes from Dragonglory nodes. You’re also probably going to get plenty of Stems. However, the Leaf and Flower are slightly rarer, and might need extra Harvesting levels to collect consistently. Once you reach the higher levels of Harvesting, you’ll be better off.

Fire Motes are fairly easy to find in general; red resource sources like Salamander Snails will have Fire Motes as well.

The Stem and Leaf are both Tier 2 resources, while the flower is Tier 3. The flower is used for crafting the Ignited perk on weapons. This perk converts some weapon damage to fire, and can scale off of your Intelligence stat. Since it is a Tier 3 item, your scaling only goes up to 40% – not the maximum of 50% offered by Tier 4 items.

This item is the polar opposite of the Rivercress, a fairly similar item in that you collect stems, leaves, and flowers. Both also require harvesting! Gun for those flowers and you’ll be in a good spot.