New World Fae Iron | Where to Find

The New World of Aeternum blends cursed mystery with unchained opportunities that players can lose themselves in. Throughout the hostile lands, it’s possible to stumble upon some rare items. One of these is the rare Fae Iron, which can be tedious to find. This ancient metal is quite useful, but you’ll need a couple of things first if you choose to seek it out. Keep reading onward for some helpful tips.

Where to Find Fae Iron in New World

New World Iron Fae material info

Fae Iron can be dropped from mining Iron Veins while having an increase in Mining Luck to find rare items. Essentially, Luck is what you’ll need to focus on, so the more you expand your Luck, the more pieces of the dark material will come your way. The Iron Veins are usually found near mountainous areas, characterized by rough and rocky textures in dark gray. Swing away at these resource spots with increased Luck, and you should be receiving some Fae Iron in the process.

To increase your chances of getting Fae Iron, craft a new uncommon pickaxe with plenty of Azoth. Azoth can be used to provide bonus perks when crafting. The perk you need is an increase in Mining Luck, which, coupled with impactful gear of the same perk, will give you a better chance at mining Fae Iron. You can use this upgraded mining pickaxe to mine other rare items in Aeternum as well.

In addition to crafting resourceful gear, you can consume special foods and potions that will also increase your Luck. One, in particular, is the Roasted Potatoes, which buffs up your Luck by 1,000 points for 20 minutes. It will also provide you with a health boost. To craft this, you’ll need Potato, Butter, and Peppercorn – just one of each. There’s also the Herb-Roasted Potatoes, which will require one Honey in order to make. This food will increase your Luck by 1,400 points for a total of 25 minutes.

Don’t waste your time using an ordinary pickaxe on these Iron Veins. You’re more likely to muster up plenty of Iron Ores instead of the one we’re looking for – and you’ll spend hours doing it. Keep these notes in mind, and you should be able to gather up a good amount of the rare metal.

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