New World Garlic Location | Where to Find

There are a lot of careers to undertake if you want to be a New World extraordinaire. From destroying dungeons to catching fish to building complex bows, you’re going to want to try your hand at something that this game has to offer! However, in order to be a great crafter, you might find yourself struggling to gather ingredients. Purchasing them can be quite expensive, after all! So, when a New World recipe calls for Garlic, you might be wondering where to look. Thankfully, we know exactly where you can find this sharp reagent!

Where to Find Garlic in New World

New World Garlic

Garlic can be found in Everfall, in Herb gathering areas outside of the city. In order to gather herbs, simply head to a large crop of tall grass, typically with flowers at the top. With a Sickle, gather around the area to get your chance at Garlic, as well as some guaranteed Hyssop. For every bush you gather from in Everfall, you have a small chance of getting 0-2 Garlic.

Sadly, you can get quite a few other herbs in Everfall. You can also get Basil and Sage. In fact, Garlic is by far the most restricted of the Herbs currently in the game. It only grows in the Everfall region, from what we know about it. This is different from other herbs like Cinnamon, with several regions to farm them in. Be careful if Everfall is under another faction’s control!

Thankfully, it is not required for too many recipes. Garlic is primarily a cooking ingredient. It is required for a handful of Tier 2 recipes, which require your cooking level to be around 20-50. Alternatively, you could sell the Garlic for a small price tag. From what we know so far, Garlic is not required for any Arcana recipes, and is almost exclusively used to improve basic recipes.

The only way to realistically farm this herb is to do all of the normal herb-gathering things. Improve your Harvesting level, consume food or equip runes that improve Harvesting, and get a good route through Everfall’s region that will allow you to collect as much Garlic as possible.