New World Gem Effects | All Weapon and Armor Bonuses

Sometimes when crafting or looting weapons and armor in New World, you will receive equipment with a Gem Socket. You can fit a Cut Gem into one of these sockets for an array of Gem Effects that, depending on the Gem, will either add to your attack or help you in defending from this effect. We have the list of all the effects here and will explain how they impact weapon and armor bonuses.

All Gem Effects in New World

New World Gem Effects

At some points when Mining in New World, you will get lucky and receive a Raw Gem. These will range in quality between Flawed, Normal, Brilliant, and Pristine. The level of Gem Effects bestowed upon your equipment will increase accordingly, with some of them scaling with one of your character’s Attribute ratings.

However, you cannot just socket a Raw Gem into a slot. Before it can be slotted, you’ll first need to use the Stonecutter to properly cut the Gem. Once this is done, you can insert it into a weapon or armor with an open socket.

There are 15 different Gemstones in total, each with their own separate effects:

  • Amber
    • Weapons gain Nature Damage with the effect scaling on Focus Attribute
    • Armor gains resistance against Nature
  • Amethyst
    • Weapons gain Void Damage, and the effect scales depending on Intelligence
    • Armor gains resistance to Void
  • Aquamarine
    • Weapons gain Ice Damage and scales on Intelligence Attribute
    • Armor gains Resistance to Ice
  • Carnelian
    • Weapons increase Threat generation and allow you to Taunt
    • Armor gains the Calming Perk and decreases your Threat
  • Diamond
    • Weapons gain the ability to increase damage when the player is at full health
    • Increases both Physical and Elemental damage resistance for Armor
  • Emerald
    • Weapons gain increased damage against enemies when they are in low health
    • Armor gains improved Thrust resistance
  • Jasper
    • Weapons increase damage a set percentage after a player is hit three consecutive times
    • Armor gains increased Strike resistance
  • Malachite
    • Weapons increase damage against enemies with Crowd Control effect inflicted upon them
    • Armor gains increased Elemental resistance
  • Moonstone
    • Weapons increase damage when a player is below 30% health
    • Armor gains improved Slash resistance
  • Onyx
    • Weapons deal increased damage against enemies at full health
    • Armor gains increased Physical damage resistance
  • Opal
    • Weapons deal increased damage when player Stamina is low
    • Armor gains increased Elemental resistance
  • Ruby
    • Weapons gain Fire Damage, and this effect scales with Intelligence
    • Armor gains Fire resistance
  • Sapphire
    • Weapons gain Arcane Damage, effect scales with Intelligence
    • Armor gains Arcane Resistance
  • Topaz
    • Weapons gain Lightning Damage, effect scales with Intelligence
    • Armor gain Lightning resistance

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