New World Goat Locations | Where to Find

When it comes to fauna in New World, we have a surprising variety to hunt. There is everything from vicious crocodiles to serene elk, and even exotic birds! That means that there are a lot of potential spawn locations for these beasties. In particular, the New World goats can be somewhat tricky. Not only do you want their drops, but they can be annoying to find around the world! They can also be rather popular, so finding them is critical. This guide will try to explain where each are.

Where to Find Goats in New World

New World Goats

There are a couple of different locations find goats in New World:

  • Bleachwood Coast
  • Stone Parish
  • Skyview Repose
  • Scagglemane Nook
  • Mosswater Bourg
  • Reekwater Fort
  • Mountain Temple
  • Serenity Monastery
  • Eastburn Outpost
  • Foulroot
  • Amphus
  • Tundramouth Burrow
  • Gelida Pillars

Reekwater is by far the best place to farm your goats. They have a ton of spawn locations across the western side of the region. Head to the northwest of the region and you’ll be in goat heaven. The southern side of the region is fine as well.

Ebenreach is going to be your second best bet. The midwest tends to have some spawn locations for the goats… Though, that is admittedly near a settlement. These might be harder to farm than goats farther away from a player hub.

In the Great Cleave, you’ll find goats off the main path on the eastern side of the region. They spawn around that eastern outpost. This might require you to be in control of the region, so if you’re in an unpopular faction… Good luck.

Finally, the Morning Dale goats are on the western, mountainous part of the region. These are fairly far away from any outposts or settlements. That makes this a pretty reasonable place to look for goat parts!

Unfortunately, goats don’t really have dedicated spawn points. They frolic quickly and can be tricky to notice. But, once you find a good place to see them, you’ll be in the money!

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