New World Hemp Locations | How to Get Fibers

Fiber is one of the many crafting materials you’ll come across while playing New World. You can easily harvest the material from hemp plants that grow all over Aethereum. These plants are abundant in some regions and scarce in others, so it pays to know the best hemp locations beforehand if you don’t want to waste any time.

Where to Find Hemp in New World

Where to Find Hemp in New World

You can only find New World hemp in the Forest and Grassland biomes. It grows primarily toward the southern end of the map, and should be easy to spot thanks to its tall stalks and purple flowers. One of the best locations to farm hemp is just north of Everfall and south of the Windsward fort.

Before you set out to find some good hemp locations, though, you’ll first need a Harvesting Sickle. To build this item, you’ll need one piece of Flint and one piece of Green Wood. You can find both materials around the Monarch’s Bluffs Watchtower. Once you have both, bring them to a campfire and craft the sickle.

With your sickle in hand, it’s time to search for some hemp plants. Head to southern side of the map and start looking for the signature purple flowers. You can potentially gather a truckload of Fiber from the area north of Everfall, as it contains a lot of hemp plants. However, the downside is that you’re likely to also find a lot of players in the area.

If you don’t want to deal with any sort of competition while you’re harvesting, you can instead use the in-game map to look for Forest and Grassland biomes in other regions. Or, if you don’t want to walk around randomly, you can check out this interactive online map of New World. The map has a lot of neat filters that will allow you to quickly find the best hemp locations.

What Can I Craft with Fiber in New World?

Once you’ve processed enough hemp, you can use the resulting items to create a wide variety of useful items. This includes Linen, which can be further processed into bags, home furnishing, and even armor. You’ll need Fiber for virtually all types of light armor. In addition, you’ll also need Linen to craft certain pieces of leather and iron armor. All in all, a very useful crafting material.

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