New World Legendary Weapon Quests | How to Unlock

Like any good MMORPG, New World won’t let you access a good chunk of its content until you reach the endgame. Getting there will be tough, but the rewards are well worth it. For instance, once you’ve made it to level 60, you’ll be able to unlock legendary weapon quests. These are difficult endgame challenges that reward extremely powerful items. There are currently over 100 legendary weapons in New World, and while you can obtain them via various means, the only guaranteed way of getting your hands on one is by completing the legendary quest associated with it.

How to Unlock Legendary Weapon Quests in New World

How to Unlock Legendary Weapon Quests in New World

Before you can begin unlocking legendary weapon quests, you first have to raise a character to maximum level. Just like in the beta, New World’s level cap currently sits at 60. There are various tricks you can use to level up quickly in New World. For instance, picking up side quests, taking advantage of the rested XP bonus, leveling up trade skills, and more. Make sure to engage in plenty of combat along the way, too. You’ll need reach level 20 mastery for a weapon type before you can unlock the quest associated with it.

With those prerequisites out of the way, it’s time to head over to Eintou Madaki, who can be found in Mountainhome. You can find Mountainhome in the northwestern part of the Great Cleave. Speak to the NPC to access the quest Madaki’s Stratagem. If you don’t see that quest, it means you still need to complete some side missions in the Great Cleave and Edengrove. Take care of those and then return to Madaki.

Madaki tasks you with finding the molds for the legendary weapons somewhere in the forges of Caminus. Once that’s done, you’ll need to use the mold alongside a set of special materials to craft the weapon. The required items vary from quest to quest and collecting them involves defeating a lot of Elite enemies. Make sure to pack some health potions with you because defeating these enemies and collecting the materials will be difficult. In total, you’ll need to complete a series of seven quests to unlock a legendary weapon.

Legendary weapons have a power level of 580, but they’re not the absolute best weapons you can get in New World. However, they are the next best thing after the power level 600 weapons you can get from boss drops and crafting.