New World Linen | How to Get

Crafting Linen for your character in New World can bring about a lot of bonuses. From furnishings to weapons and ammo, crafting this material is critical for your skills and progression, but you’ll need to follow a few steps first. Fortunately, making Linen isn’t difficult to do, and we have a guide to help you out. Keep on reading to see how you can craft your own sets of Linen.

How to Get Linen in New World

New World Linen Recipe

In order to make Linen in New World, you’ll need to harvest fiber from hemp plants that are located in the grassy fields and forests of Aeternum. You can distinguish them due to their lengthy green stems with purple flowers on the top. Harvest from these nodes with a sickle to receive fiber, which will then be crafted into Linen at a Loom station. This can only be performed at a Loom, and you’ll need four pieces of fiber to create what’s needed.

With the refined material, players will be able to craft a variety of Bags and Light Armors. For example, the Coarse Leather Adventurers Satchel will require 25 Linen, along with 45 Coarse Leather and 10 Iron Ingot. The various sets of Iron Armor will also need Linen for their assemblies, as well.

The respawn rate for the hemp plants is pretty quick. It won’t take long for them to reappear, so realistically you can muster as many pieces of fiber as you like. Make sure you have enough when you’re ready to do some assembling. Go to the nearest Loom station that’ll utilize your Weaving Skill to create fabrics. Looms can be found within settlements. They’ll have clothing threads and sewing materials stationed there, so they should be easy to spot. If you can’t find them, check out your map to find an icon resembling a house with vertical bars.

Remember, there’s no limit to how much fiber you can harvest from hemp plants. As with any newly found resource, you’ll want to stock up before you continue on your quests. It never hurts to have too many, unless you’re hoarding. At that point, you might want to do some additional crafting.

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