New World Loaded Dice Location | Where to Find

Luck is somewhat of an abstract concept in the real world, and its equivalent in New World isn’t all that different. Luck increases your chances of getting better loot drops in the game, but no one other than the developers know exactly how the system works. It seems to function like a D&D-style roll modifier, but some of the specifics are still a mystery to players. What we do know for sure is that luck helps you find rare drops more often, and that you can use certain items to increase the stat. Items like the Loaded Dice.

Where to Find Loaded Dice in New World

Where to Find Loaded Dice in New World

The Loaded Dice is an endgame legendary item that can be used to craft the Major Loot Luck Trophy. It’s a furnishing item you can place in your home to increase your chances of finding rare items from chests and items by an additional 1.5%. You’ll need a Furnishing Skill level of 200 to be able to craft the trophy.

In addition to one Loaded Dice, the Major Loot Luck Trophy requires a few other materials: 25 Ironwood Planks, 20 Orichalcum Ingots, one Mahogany Stain, and one Basic Loot Luck Trophy. Gather all the necessary materials and take them to a tier 5 Workshop to make the trophy.

There are no guaranteed techniques you can use to get your hands on a Loaded Dice. Getting one to drop is, fittingly enough, just a matter of luck. However, as far as we can tell, the item only drops from elite tier 5 chests. Your best bet is to travel to high-level areas and farm as many of these chests as you can find. Keep at it and you should eventually get one to drop.

Alternatively, you can try your luck at Trading Posts. You can buy and sell Loaded Dice on the market, but they tend to go for quite a lot of gold. That’s the bad news if you’re buying. The good news is that you can make bank quickly if you come across one and are willing to sell it.

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