New World Monthly Fee | Is There A Subscription Cost?

Amazon Studios’ ambitious MMORPG New World is out now following a successful round of beta testing this summer. This expansive game drops you into the mysterious medieval land of Aeternum, where you’re tasked with joining a clan and forming your own empire. As an MMO, many are wondering if the game has a monthly fee. Other big games in the genre require a paid subscription, but is the same true for New World?

Is There A Monthly Fee for New World?

Is There A Monthly Fee for New World?

There is no monthly fee required to play New World, nor do you need to buy a subscription. The only price you’ll have to pay is the cost of the game itself.

Yes, Amazon Game Studios generously went for a one-time purchase system instead of consistently charging for access to the game. That certainly makes life easier for more casual players, as they won’t have to keep doling out money to pay for a game they may not play very often. MMO fans will obviously save some money when compared to subscription fees for other games.

It’ll also likely help boost the game’s player-base over time, too. That’s because people who gradually lose interest can come back and check out new content without having to pay again.

Even more interesting is the fact that New World isn’t exactly expensive. You can grab it on Steam for $39.99, which is $20 less than what most AAA games retail for. Of course, this could be because the game is still fairly new, and as of yet isn’t totally brimming with content. There’s still enough to fill tens of hours – but this isn’t World of Warcraft-levels of depth, not yet anyway.

It’s worth remembering that while there isn’t a monthly fee in New World, there could be further charges in the future. Any upcoming expansions will likely be paid expansions specifically because there’s no recurring subscription cost. Still, at least for now, you can buy access to the entire game through a single one-time purchase.