New World Respec Cost | How to Reset Skills

So, you’ve theorycrafted a fantastic build in New World, but you aren’t quite sure about it. Thankfully, New World offers a stat reassignment system that allows you to try out new builds. However, like in many other games, being able to respec comes at a cost. What do you need to fork over in order to reassign your skills in New World? And how often can you remake your build if you really want to shake things up?

What is the Respec Cost in New World?

What is the Respec Cost in New World?

While you are below level 20, the respec cost for stats is free. Simply go to your statistics menu under Constitution and hit the “Respec” button to set yourself up. For weapons, you can reset your stats freely until you reach Weapon Mastery 10. After Weapon Level 10, it will cost 25 Azoth in order to respec your character.

The specific respec cost for attributes changes drastically based on your level and amount of points spent. At level 20, you spend 20 coin in order to respec. This scales drastically as you increase in level. However, reassigning attribute points will never be actively impossible to do. As long as you’re making money – either from odd-jobs or just doing quests – you won’t have to worry about the cost of this service.

The Azoth cost for weapon respecing is a static amount, but it might look small. That’s not exactly the case; Azoth is a bit harder to farm than Coin is! Check out our guide to learn what you should do to farm Azoth.

Overall, this system is extremely generous for new players; as long as you’re not level 20, this system let’s you change whatever you want whenever you want! Weapon Mastery takes a while to farm, as well, which means you will also be able to change how you use weapons quite a bit. Try everything out before settling down on a build… But don’t worry! Even if you want to change your setup down the line, you are still completely fine to respec.

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