New World Salt Location | Where to Find

Salt is a valuable ingredient that can be used to craft a wide variety of cooking recipes in New World. The item isn’t necessarily rare, but you will need a lot of it if you’re planning to dive deep into the culinary arts. This means you’ll need to know where to find the seasoning, and that’s exactly where this guide comes in. Before we get started, it’s worth noting that salt is a different ingredient than Saltpeter. Make sure you don’t mix up the two unless you’re trying to cook with explosives.

Where to Find Salt in New World

Where to Find Salt in New World

Unlike Cinnamon or many of the other ingredients found in New World, salt can’t simply be harvested in the wild. Instead, you’ll need to look for it in Provision Crates. Your chances of getting salt whenever you open one of these crates isn’t 100%, but it is pretty high. Keep looting and you should eventually find some.

The other caveat is that the sought-after seasoning only drops from crates found in certain areas. To find salt, you need to look around Everfall and Brightwood. These areas are relatively low level, but they can still pose a challenge for new players. Check out our guide on how to level up quickly in New World if you’re struggling with the enemies in these areas.

Everfall is a level 1-25 territory, and it’s the first location you should visit if you’re looking for salt. Provision Crates pop up all over the place here, but your best bet is to search around Ebonrock. If you’re not having any luck there, make sure to check out the Riverworn Grotto.

Brightwood has plenty of Provision Crates as well, but this area is recommended for level 27-35 players. You’ll want to be around level 30ish before venturing here. Some pretty good salt locations in Brightwood include the area west of Brightwood Town and the area around Twineborough village.