New World Sea Dreams Quest | How to Complete

To say New World has its fill of quests would be a rather significant understatement. The entire map is covered from North to South with quests, and many of them can be head-scratching to understand. And even worse, some of them are unfortunately buggy! The Sea Dreams quest in New World qualifies for a few of those descriptions. This quest is frustrating for quite a few players! We’ll compile what we know about the quest to help you out a bit.

How to Complete the Sea Dreams Quest in New World

New World Sea Dreams

Normally, the Sea Dreams quest is unlocked by going to Wistful Billiam Rowen of Cutlass Keys after completing the “Mother Ocean” quest. As of the writing of this article, the quest is bugged for many, many players, preventing them from even starting the quest. If you approach the area to the south of the Haunted Isle and the quest does not automatically progress to “Kill 3 Losts,” then the quest is bugged. Otherwise, you must go into Nizam’s Foresight and loot the Astrolabe from the chest.

Sadly, many players are still reporting this quest as bugged. The bug occurs when walking to the Southbeach area. If your quest does not progress to “Kill 3 Losts,” then the Sea Dreams quest is bugged for you. You will have to wait for a fix, which should be coming soon. With how many people are having trouble with the quest, the team has definitely noticed the issues!

If you can do the quest, then it is rather simple. After defeating the three Losts, you simply head to Nizam’s Foresight. This little chest is inside of a shipwreck on the Southbeach. Simply run between the broken deck and pick it up from the glowing chest. It will always drop, but only as long as the one chest has spawned.

From there, just return to Billiam to grant him his wish!

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