New World Sporebloom Fungus Location | Where to Find

In New World, healing items are an absolute necessity. Many players are finding that to create some of these healing items, a seemingly rare ingredient is needed, a Sporebloom Fruit. This fruit is supposedly harvested from Sporebloom Fungus, so where is this elusive ingredient? We have the answers here!

Where to Find Sporebloom Fungus in New World?

Sporebloom Fungus New World

In New World, the Sporebloom Fungus plant doesn’t exist in the wild, at least not yet. Sporebloom Fruit is listed as a primary ingredient in the Common Health Potion, a Tier 2 recipe, so it only makes sense this would be a highly-sought ingredient. However, those looking for it out in the world are understandably perplexed and frustrated that they can’t find it in the wild.

Instead of looking for the Sporebloom Fungus itself, there are two things you should keep an eye out for if you’re looking for the Sporebloom Fruit ingredient. The first is Twisted Tube Caps, although your chances of harvesting that ingredient from this drop is slim. The other spot is Oil Supply Carts, although it can be slim picking for that ingredient as well.

It seems for now, the best way to get the Sporebloom Fruit is to purchase it from Trading Posts. The fruit is hard to find naturally, so its prices could possibly lean more expensive for as long as it remains elusive. There is good news though, you can still craft the Common Health Potion with other, much easier-to-find ingredients.

Under the recipe items, uncheck the box that says Owned Items. Unchecking this will open up alternative Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents that can be used in place of a Sporebloom Fruit. These consist of Lifebloom Stem, Glowing Mushroom Cap, Gillflower Gills, and Platecap Flesh. The Lifebloom Stem is an especially easy-to-find reagent in New World, so it would be wise to use this in place of the Sporebloom Fruit when crafting the Common Health Potion.

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