New World Starmetal | Where to Find

Starmetal is a highly desirable Tier 4 ore that is only found in specific areas of New World. Due to its place in the higher tiers of materials and crafting, it also has high-level requirements for refinement and use. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Here’s where to find this elusive material and what you need to get it fast.

Where to find Starmetal in New World

Where to find Starmetal in New World

You need to be Level 100 in Mining before you can acquire Starmetal in New World. Once you’ve upgraded Mining enough, you can find Starmetal deposits toward the northern end of the map. Just be warned that deposits are often guarded by groups of aggressive mobs.

The first requirement is the harshest: You must be Mining Level 100 in order to mine Starmetal. To get there quickly, we highly recommend upgrading your pickaxes early for faster mining. If you can get your hands on a Steel Miner’s Charm, use this in crafting a pickaxe to gain the Prospector’s Discipline perk. This perk increases the experience earned when mining. You can buy the Steel Miner’s Charm at a trading post if someone is selling it, or find it in ancient containers and supply crates.

Best Locations to Farm Starmetal

Once your Mining hits Level 100, it’s time to find Starmetal deposits. This metal is far more common in the northern parts of Aeternum, so focus your efforts there. South Vega Bridge is a very popular Starmetal mining spot, as it is populated with level 30-range Ancient mobs. You should still come well equipped, but as far as Starmetal spots go, this is one of the tamer regions to mine it. Mourningdale is another good area for Starmetal deposits, as it tends to be further away from other players. However, this comes at the cost of higher-level mobs around level 40-45. Just as well, the Starmetal deposits here are located in areas where level 50+ Ancient mobs roam.

If you want abundant amounts of Starmetal and you’re well-equipped for fighting, then head over to Great Cleave. It is easily one of the best places in the game to mine it, with plentiful deposits in the area. Just beware that certain areas of Great Cleave have Corrupted mobs over level 60, and they will hound you as you mine, so come ready for a fight. If you have friends playing with you, it would be good strategy to have one concentrate on mining while the others run interference with the mobs.

Armed with the info here, you’ll be mining Starmetal and forging higher tier equipment in no time! For more New World help, check out some of our other guides here: