New World Voidbent Ingot | How to Get

The world of Aeternum is home to many types of materials, most of which can be used for crafting. But while materials like Aged Wood or Silver Ore are very easy to get a hold of, others are much more difficult to find. One such example is the Voidbent Ingot, a rare crafting component needed to make some of the most powerful armor pieces in New World. Keep reading to find out how to get your hands on some of these ingots.

How to Get Voidbent Ingot in New World

How to Get Voidbent Ingot in New World

The primary way to acquire Voidbent Ingots is to craft them yourself. Doing so requires you to gather 1x Void Ore (not to be confused with Void Metal), 1x Void Essence, and 10x Energy Core. Those last two components are fairly easy to get but Void Ore can be a bit tricky.

Void Ore only drops from Orichalcum veins, which require a mining skill of at least 175. If your skill isn’t high enough, you may want to check the market. Void Ore is sometimes sold by other players, albeit at a steep price.

Once you have all the necessary components, you can use them to craft a Voidbent Ingot at a Smelter. There’s a little catch, though. The Smelter needs to be Tier 3. Similar to Void Ore, Voidbent Ingots can also be purchased from the market. But considering how rare they are, be prepared to spend a small fortune if you’re planning to buy them.

After you manage to get your hands on some Voidbent Ingots you’ll be able to start working towards your Voidbent Armor set. The good news is that each piece of armor only needs 1x Voidbent Ingot. The bad news is that you’re going to need a bunch of other components in addition to it.

The required components will differ a bit depending on what exactly you want to craft. But every piece needs T5 materials like Phoenixweave, Asmodeum, Runic Leather, or Tolvium. Of course, you’ll also need the recipes and a Tier 5 Blacksmith station to boot. Putting everything together is quite a hassle but the effort is well worth it because this is easily some of the best armor in New World.