New World XP | Best Way to Level Up Quickly

New World has just released to massive player numbers, and everyone’s looking to become more powerful. After all, when you suddenly join up with hundreds or even thousands of players, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left in the dust. We all know how it feels to enter an MMO as a newbie when everyone around you is performing like seasoned veterans, but not to worry! We’re here to help explain how you can earn experience and quickly level up your character.

Here’s The Best Way to Level Up Quickly in New World

Best way to Level Up Quickly in New World

The best way to level up quickly in New World is to finish quests found on the Town Project Board. Some of these quests can be taken and finished in no time, such as buying a specific item from an auction shop. The XP gains are small but frequent, and they’ll help you level up much faster when combined with normal gameplay.

Aside from the Town Project Board, there’s many ways to stack up on XP. Here are some of the best ways to do farm experience:

  • You can get a rested XP bonus if you log off while in a settlement. This is awarded after logging back into the game.
  • Building up your town standing will get you bonus XP when completing quests.
  • Pick up side quests and finish them while on your main quest.
  • Finishing faction missions will award XP scaled with your area, so you can gain bonus XP for higher-level regions.
  • Bonus XP is awarded for any Daily Bonuses shown on the faction board.
  • Leveling up your trade skills will also tack onto your XP gains.
  • When other players are battling a monster, take a swipe at it to gain some XP when it’s defeated.
    • It is important to note that doing this does not affect the others players’ awarding of XP.

With these methods, you should have no problem leveling up your New World character quickly! For more tips on New World, check out some of our other guides: