Next Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Will Nerf Parts Of DMZ Mode

Call Of Duty: Warzone may have started as a battle royale competitor, but it has evolved to set itself apart with additional gameplay. Their popular addition known as DMZ helps with this, but it’s about to receive a massive update. Scheduled for February, this update will make numerous changes to Season 2 of this mode, including nerfing several vital elements. The devs claim that this is to help with balancing, which will make the game more appealing to casual players or newcomers. While there’s bound to be some opposition to the changes, they’ll aim to address some of the bigger DMZ concerns.

Warzone DMZ Nerfing and Balancing

While Warzone has been active since 2020, the DMZ mode is relatively new, having just been added in November 2022. It has quickly become one of the most-played modes of the game, but it is already scheduled for a notable update. According to the game’s official website, DMZ will receive changes to the following: Enemies, Mission Difficulty, Spawn Points, Crashes, Seasonal Refreshes, and Locations. Out of these elements, the enemies and missions are on the block to be nerfed. Both of them are getting numerous balance changes in order to make the challenge more manageable and less intense. The update is stated to go into effect on February 15.

Call Of Duty games all revolve around military conflicts, both real and fictional, with Warzone taking place in a modern setting. Its main mode revolves around a battle royale structure where players can play individually or in teams. An alternative was added in DMZ mode which gave players more structure in terms of gameplay. Players can now work together or alone to complete faction-based missions against other players. This added a whole other angle and method to player progression. Namely, it provided new situations to use their perks, weapons, and whatever else they earn through gameplay.

Nerfing is always going to be met with criticism. Still, it can still be a necessary change for the purpose of player satisfaction. In response to feedback, the Warzone devs will be nerfing the enemies and mission difficulty of DMZ mode this February.