Next Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event Tones Down The Grinding

A huge complaint about online games is the need to grind a lot in order to progress and get stronger. Destiny 2 is a prime example of this, but their upcoming event will supposedly not be as grind-heavy as previous ones. Known as the Iron Banner, this type of event gives players a chance to earn brand-new rewards. It’s also a great chance to try new gameplay, or even earn new custom designs for gear. It’s a huge PvP event that has been heavily criticized previously. That’s likely why Bungie is aiming specifically to reduce the grind-y nature of the experience.

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event

Despite all the problems it had at launch, Destiny 2 has become one of the most-played online games available. It offers great visuals and loads of new events to keep things fresh, such as the recurring Iron Banner. It hosts a variety of tournaments or players to compete, which fosters a lot of grinding. However, the developers attest that the Iron Banner won’t require as much pointless grinding.

According to Gamespot’s coverage, Bungie went on record that the developers “expect [the changes] to decrease the number of games needed to earn a Rank reset by around 40% and make it more worthwhile to play earlier in the week.” If this is so, players will definitely have a greater chance to earn more gear with less work once the Iron Banner starts at the end of January.

There’s a vast amount of lore surrounding Destiny 2, but it all boils down to the competitive gameplay. As a revived guardian, you are tasked with fighting back the darkness in order to protect the Last City. This sets the stage for a diverse hub area that gives you access to various PvE and PvP events. The former gives players a chance to take on numerous challenges across different worlds. The latter gives them a chance to showcase their skills and earn some top-tier loot while they’re at it.

The Iron Banner is a recurring event in Destiny 2 that’s gained a poor reputation for how much players have to play to see any progress. However, Bungie is promising a more rewarding and satisfying experience for this new one that begins on January 31st.