NieR Replicant Broken Wristwatch | Where to Find

Players trying to fully complete NieR Replicant have been spending time trying to complete the various Weapon Stories in the game. While the items you need for upgrades vary, the Broken Wristwatch is one of the most annoying to locate. This guide will help you find the item and farm it.

Where to Find the Broken Wristwatch in NieR Replicant

Where to Find the Broken Wristwatch in Nier Replicant

The Broken Wristwatch is dropped by the shield-wielding armored Shades in the Southern Plains area in the second part of the game’s story. The simple way to farm this item is to clear the area of the enemy, leave, and come back to make them respawn.

The weather conditions of the area also play an important part in farming the Broken Wristwatch. When the weather is sunny, the Shades will spawn in larger groups. When it’s cloudy, smaller Shades will spawn alongside them. If the weather is overcast or completely cloudy, they won’t spawn at all.

There will be a few sets of these enemies in the area, back along the way to Emil’s Mansion. The easiest path to go to farm them will be to go from the Seafront entrance to the Mansion, and then back to respawn. The best way to deal with the larger Shades is through liberal use of staggers.

Broken Wristwatches also drop in the prologue. If you complete the quest A Magical Stone and speak to the Fortune Teller, you’ll be able to replay the prologue. This will require you to collect five of the item to complete the quest, though.

To help your chances at the item dropping, you’ll also want to equip Words that increase the drop rate of items. One of the best combinations is that of Mahzarken and Mahzarr. Combined, these Words will boost your item drop rate by 55%.

In total, you’ll need 12 Broken Wristwatches to upgrade your weapons throughout the game. The weapons that use the item are Rebirth, Ancient Overlord, Fang of the Twins, and the Phoenix Spear. These can be upgraded at the Two Brothers Weaponry outside of the Junk Heap.

Whether you’re looking to complete all the game’s Weapon Stories or just want to upgrade your preferred weapon, trying to farm Broken Wristwatches can be a pain. Thankfully, they aren’t too difficult to farm if you know where to look and when.

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