NieR Replicant Complex Machine | How to Get

In order to upgrade your weapon in NieR Replicant, you’re going to have to dedicate yourself to a grind. These upgrades aren’t necessary to your survival, but they’re highly likely to remove some of the tedium of the later boss fights. One of the most common upgrade materials in NieR Replicant is a Complex Machine. These are pretty dang necessary for a bunch of your mid-game weapon upgrades. And having some in your pocket might not be the worst thing in the world, come late game. So, where do you go, and what do you look for?

How to Get Complex Machine in NieR Replicant

How to Get Complex Machine in NieR Replicant

In order to get a Complex Machine in NieR Replicant, you’re going to need to farm Giant Shades. These are the bigger boys that can be farmed in the Southern Plains, and they only drop from the shades sometimes. As such, you’ll have to get used to destroying these large creatures, since this is a rare drop.

Giant Shades might take a few attempts to spawn. Leave and return to the area to bring it back. When it does spawn, no other shades will spawn nearby, making it a bit easier to tell when you’ve finally got your guy. If you want to farm the Giant Shades in any area, this tactic works beautifully.

Other than the Southern Plains, you can also farm Giant Shades in the Northern Plains, the Barren Temple, the Lost Shrine, and the Shadowlord’s Castle. Most of the time, these will require you to be in Act II. If you want to farm them during Act 1, you’ll need to rely on the Southern and Northern Plain options.

Collecting handfuls of Complex Machines will be important, since you need a few of them for some of the more cool mid-game weapons.

You need one or two Complex Machines for:

  • Beastbain (2)
  • Beastlord (2)
  • Phoenix Sword (1)
  • Beastcurse (2)
  • Captain’s Holy Spear (1)

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