NieR Replicant Iron Pipe | How to Get

There are a lot of action games that give you giant weapons. NieR Replicant is no different, so you can get a huge number of really cool weapons to add to your arsenal. However, in some action games, there’s nothing better than just grabbing a pipe and beating something with it. NieR Replicant has you covered with the Iron Pipe. This is a kinda hard to find weapon, but if you’re looking for something that sounds cool and hits hard, you can’t go wrong with it. Re-find your tutorial weapon and bring it to the very end!

How to Get an Iron Pipe in NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant Iron Pipe

The Iron Pipe in NieR Replicant is available in the tutorial, and attainable during the quest The Magical Stone. While completing the Magical Stone, look around the supermarket where Yonah was hiding. Search around for the rusty Iron Pipe on the ground, and you’ll have your new funny weapon to beat shades to death. Alternatively, once you beat Act 2, then you’ll unlock the pipe for future playthroughs.

Finding the pipe in the supermarket can be annoying, but it’s not far out of your way. All you need to do is break a box in between the remaining aisles of the supermarket, and the Iron Pipe will pop out of the box.

This is not an awful weapon at all. It starts with an attack power of 179 and boosts Magic Power by 30%. Upgrades will get the attack power up to 266 and power to 50%. That doesn’t quite keep up with some of the more powerful one-handed swords, but it’s not far enough back that you can’t beat the game with it. It’s also incredibly easy to upgrade, basically by cropping different robots; Dented Metal Bats, Broken Arms, and Rusted Clumps basically grow on trees during Act 2.

All things considered, the Iron Pipe is not an important weapon to collect, other than 100% completion or pursuing a goal. That being said, as long as you’re completing the sidequest The Magical Stone (available during Act 2 from the Fortune-teller in the Forest of Myth), there’s no reason not to grab the weapon.

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