NieR Replicant Virtuous Contract | How to Get

Fans of NieR Automata might be excited to know that Nier Replicant has downloadable content specifically for its sequel game. NieR Replicant 4 YoRHa is an entirely free content update, so you should grab it. This’ll add costumes, a new mission, and some weapons — like the Virtuous Contract — to Nier Replicant. However, even after downloading the game, some players aren’t gaining access to 2B’s weapon of choice. If that’s a problem, then we can help you troubleshoot.

How to Get the Virtuous Contract Weapon in NieR Replicant

How to Get the Virtuous Contract Weapon in Nier Replicant

In order to get the Virtuous Contract in NieR Replicant, you must first make sure you’ve downloaded the 4 YoRHa DLC from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam. While you can use the costumes right away, the weapons may not spawn until some time into the story. Check your weapon menu (once you have access to to it) a few times over the course of the story mode. The Virtuous Contract should appear there once you’ve made some decent headway into the main game.

You can unlock the weapon soon after you gain access to menus. If that’s the case for you, then you can start with a 150 attack power one-handed sword to beat on enemies with! That being said, you may need to complete one or two main story quests without the weapon in your inventory for it to appear.

The costumes of the 4 YoRHa DLC should be available to you right out of the gate. Simply head to any wardrobe and pop in. Once you’re in a wardrobe, you can change to whatever costume you’d like, though they are gender-based. Then, you can play through the game wearing the same costume as Nier:Automata‘s cast and crew.

This might interrupt the flow of the story a bit, admittedly. Especially because the androids do block their faces, just a touch! However, Virtuous Contract shouldn’t be too overpowered for the main campaign, so have at it!

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