Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch Online Mission System

In a move sure to please long-time subscribers, Nintendo today announced a missions and rewards system. This brand-new addition to the Nintendo Switch Online membership lets players earn platinum points for completing specific in-game objectives. Those points, already present on your profile, can then be used to purchase real-life Nintendo merchandise. As an exciting development, we’ve got all the details on these new Nintendo Switch Online features.

Nintendo Switch Online Introduces Missions and Rewards

Nintendo Switch Online

Yes, a new update to the Switch’s online membership now lets you earn platinum rewards just by playing games. Previously, you could only get platinum points by completing administrative tasks. These included linking your Nintendo account to social media platforms, and signing up to newsletters. Today’s update introduces objectives where you can earn these points simply by playing games. Here are the four current missions:

  • Play software that supports online play
  • Use Save Data Cloud
  • Play NES software
  • Use the Nintendo Switch Online app

Missions reset every week, and you can earn 200 points through these four missions at a time. There are, luckily, plenty of ways to spend them. Each week you’ll be able to buy a range of limited-time icons and profile frames tied to certain Nintendo games. Those for this introductory are Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All of these rewards cost just 10 platinum points each, so you’ll be able to get plenty. Expect rewards based on a new set of Nintendo games in the coming weeks.

Most excitingly, these points can also be used for real-life rewards on the My Nintendo website. These range from N64-themed posters to Metroid Dread pin badges. Since you can now earn platinum points through gameplay, it makes these prizes a lot more accessible for Nintendo fans. Overall then, the news will be warmly received by those now able to earn such limited gifts, simply by playing their favorite games.