Break The Law With This No Man’s Sky Update

Today marks a big day for Hello Games as the studio has released a new update for its flagship title No Man’s Sky. Bearing the name Outlaws, this is one of the most hotly anticipated updates the game has ever seen. It concentrates entirely on the criminal networks operating across the stars and how players will be able to interact with or become part of it. Key additions include new solar ships to fly, significantly expanded space combat, dealing with pirate attacks on your base, and creating your own squadron of pilots and smugglers. With these elements and more, the update aims to add more action and excitement to your universe.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Features

The developers have been very thorough in outlining all the new content introduced in the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update. They include environmental assets like Outlaw Stations, which serve as new hub areas. From there, players can undertake new types of missions, join a rebellion, and fly through space seeking battle and rewards.

Then there’s the Solar Starship, the latest spaceship since the Living Ship update. In keeping with the theme of being an outlaw, this type of ship is perfect for staying on the run. It’s tailored towards speed and maneuverability so you can shoot between star systems. This goes well with the new activity that comes in the form of Smuggling. After buying illegal goods at Outlaw Station, you can return to civilized space to sell for a hefty profit. However, this also introduces a greater sense of risk. That’s because the Sentinels will be much more vigilant in hunting down criminals.

In terms of mechanics updates, ships have been equipped with an additional Cargo Inventory made for goods of your choice. As managing the ship, Squadrons have been added to expand your operations. You’ll can hire as many pilots as your ship can hold, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and upgrades. This contributes to the large changes made to the game’s Space Combat. In general, it has become flashier with new visuals and tighter with better ship handling. Enemy ships will also have shields for increased difficulty and intensity. This also provides a reason to expand on the weapons which cause different types of damage or sabotage specific systems.

Community Response

With open-world games like Grand Theft Auto giving players the freedom to break the rules and do whatever they want to succeed, excitement for the Outlaws update has been extremely high. No Man’s Sky remains one of the largest open-world games being played today yet despite this, a frequent complaint has been a lack of freedom in playstyle and PvP. However, the introduction of this update has players changing their tune since they can now break the rules, get rich doing it, and be encouraged to seek out other players not just for aid but for conflict in order to toughest pirate crew in the universe.