Obsidian Entertainment Celebrates 20 Years with Steep Game Discounts

Obsidian Entertainment Celebrates 20 Years with Steep Game Discounts

The video game industry changes almost as much as the restaurant industry, with shops opening and closing at the drop of a hat. Therefore, it becomes quite an accomplishment to last as long as a company like Obsidian Entertainment, which is now celebrating 20 years. This name has been involved in a number of groundbreaking titles and has put out plenty of its own to make a significant impact on the world of gaming. To celebrate with players all over the world, the company is offering significant sales on most of its major titles, and much of their associated content as well.

Obsidian 20th Anniversary Sales Select

With a company as prolific as Obsidian, it’s tricky to narrow down the best of their library to recommend. However, I think many would agree that solid choices would be Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Pillars of Eternity, and The Outer Worlds. All of these games are currently on sale with discounts ranging from 34 to 75 percent off.

Fallout: New Vegas stands out in the series’ history as being one that is generally liked among fans and non-fans of the series. It has you playing as a Courier operating in Nevada who is nearly killed for a special package that they’re transporting. After recovering, they’re bent on getting revenge and end up caught in the middle of a conflict that threatens to tear the region apart. Explore, collect, avoid radiation poisoning, and gather a ragtag group of wasteland warriors to join you on your quest.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is proof that it’s possible to make a game that looks like it could fit into the source material that it’s based on. Insert yourself into the South Park universe as the New Kid in town who’s invited to play a game of epic fantasy proportions. Of course, in true series fashion, things quickly get out of hand as all the other characters take it in stride. Team up with many major characters from the show in turn-based combat as you attempt to regain the imagination be-all-end-all: The Stick of Truth.

Pillars of Eternity takes a page out of the book of Baldur’s Gate by making an expansive world about exploring various regions and dungeons. It acts with many layers and detailed features to flesh out the strategy and character customization. Make a hero from one of several races as you put together a party of fighters from all walks of life to save the magical world that you all inhabit. Play with all the classes and develop character relationships to ensure that you’ll reach the end of your journey.

The Outer Worlds has elements of satire while also seeming a bit too real at times. It takes place in a future where humanity has stretched across the galaxy but is under the rule of mega-corporations. As a member of a ship of colonists thought to be long lost, you’ll learn just how far corruption and manipulation go in a galaxy ruled by corporate greed. Gather weapons, learn to manipulate time, and get a crew together to fight against the corporation’s tyranny and expose the truth.