One Piece Odyssey | Is It in English?

One Piece Odyssey is one of the most anticipated anime games to release in the last few years. This beautiful RPG features characters from the One Piece anime taking on a new challenge. However, like a lot of games in this style, it is by default in Japanese. Characters are voiced by their Japanese voice actors and the game has subtitles by default. Is there a way to put One Piece Odyssey into English? Or is it only in Japanese?

Is One Piece Odyssey in English?

Is One Piece Odyssey in English?

As of the launch patch, One Piece Odyssey is exclusively voiced by the cast’s Japanese voice acting team. There is not an option to swap to English voice actors yet. However, the game has full subtitles for all Japanese lines that is in English. And it is entirely possible that a version of the game voiced in English will be added in a patch in the future.

At the current moment, the only option for English fans of the game is the official Japanese dub. The entire story is cast in the language, and there are no other options for any other language. The only thing that can be changed as of release patch is the subtitle language. These have a few different options, such as English and French.

But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get an English dub eventually. There is no official news about the English dub as of the writing of this article, but that doesn’t mean it is not in progress. It is entirely possible that we will be given an English dub, and it is a fairly regular addition in popular anime games.

There is no guarantee, unfortunately. Until we get more news about potential dubs, One Piece Odyssey will remain only voiced in Japanese. Thankfully, the subtitle support is fine. As long as you are fine readying the English translation, the game is completely playable in English.

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