One Piece Odyssey | Is There Multiplayer?

Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates must gather together to defeat various threats in One Piece Odyssey. The new open-world JRPG from developer ILCA and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment introduces a vibrant world for players to explore, both for fans and newcomers alike. In fact, the game’s announcement was initially made during the franchise’s 25th anniversary on March 28 of 2022. Many rejoiced at the welcoming feature of allowing players to control any member of the Straw Hat Pirates. But does that mean that multiplayer will be included in One Piece Odyssey, where another player can join the party? Let’s find out!

Is There Multiplayer in One Piece Odyssey?

Is There Multiplayer in One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey is purely a single-player game, meaning there is no multiplayer mode for players to experiment with. The game is a JRPG with a few twists in its presentation in regard to its traversal mechanics and combat. However, the game is intended for a single-player experience, with only one player pulling the strings. Like many RPGs in the gaming industry, multiplayer is usually not on the table for consideration.

There’s very little chance that this could change in the future. Bandai Namco Entertainment is well-known for publishing JRPGs that are tailored toward single-player gameplay. Even though some of their recent titles feature multiplayer to some degree (e.g. Elden Ring and Jump Force), they’re well-known for delivering singular RPGs as well. Scarlet Nexus, Tales of Arise, Digimon Survive, and many other titles that come from Bandai Namco’s roster are recent additions to the RPG genre, with nearly all of them adhering to the single-player gameplay.

The other One Piece games from Bandai Namco Entertainment also come to mind since they’ve been developed in their own distinctive fashions. There’s the Pirate Warriors series that featured a few multiplayer modes, but they were entirely action titles. A few other titles from the One Piece franchise embraced the adventure aspect of the anime and manga. Unlimited World Red and World Seeker are a few, though their scope isn’t as expansive as One Piece Odyssey.