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How to Get Spicypears in Ooblets

The main goals of Ooblets revolve around collecting small creatures, farming, and a fair amount of cooking. While these objectives may appear straightforward, obtaining the necessary items isn’t always as simple as we would like. For example, if your farm is prospering and you’ve taken your hand at cooking, one item you’re probably in need of is Froobtose. And you’ve probably searched all over Badgetown for it. Well, look no further because we’ll show you how to make Froobtose so you can craft your favorite recipes in Ooblets.

How to Make Froobtose in Ooblets

How to Make Froobtose in Ooblets

To make Froobtose in Ooblets, simply place a regular Sweetiebeetie in your Crunchster. Then, with the help of an Ooblet, it will convert it to Froobtose. It’s a very simple process that the game doesn’t show you directly. However, if you’re not sure where to get Sweetiebeeties or a Crunchster, keep reading, because we’ve got your back.

You’ll need a Crunchster sooner or later, so here’s how to get one. Go to the Manatwee furniture store and turn left once inside. In the side room is a Fabricuter which will be highlighted and outlined. This Fabricuter is where you can build various items for your farm and home. To make the Crunchster, it will take ten Nurnies, ten Planklets, and one Oobsidian to complete. Once you’ve obtained it, return to your farm and place it wherever you want.

You can get your hands on Sweetiebeetie seeds by purchasing them at Meed’s Seed’s. All you have to do now is plant the Sweetiebeetie seeds until they are ready to harvest and then place the Sweetiebeetie in your Crunchster. This will convert it to Froobtose, which you can use to cook with.

Now that you got your hands on Froobtose, you can cook a variety of desserts such as a Quib Tart, Zinooka Cake, Blue Goo Pie, and others. And if you found this guide helpful, here are some other Ooblets guides that might come in handy:

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