Ooblets | Is It Coming to Game Pass?

The life sim genre is an interesting one. It allows players to take a break from their normal life for another one. Of course, one of the many games that have taken the genre by storm is Ooblets. This game has players living in a town and farming. However, you’re not growing crops, you’re growing friends right out of the ground. But, with the game now available in early access, is it available on Game Pass?

Is Ooblets Coming to Game Pass?

Is Ooblets Coming to Game Pass

Ooblets is not part of Xbox Game Pass at the moment. For now, it’s part of Xbox Game Preview. This is a program that Xbox started for developers to publish their early access titles to Xbox. Game Preview allows players to browse a selection of early access titles that have been accepted by Xbox, Ooblets being one of them. This program isn’t part of Xbox Game Pass, meaning that you’re going to have to purchase the game for $20 if you want to get your hands on it.

The developers haven’t mentioned if the game is going to be on game pass when it hits its 1.0 release. But, since they’re part of the Xbox Preview Program, that could be a possibility once the game reaches its retail release on September 1.

Ooblets aims to be a mix of both Animal Crossing and Pokemon. The game takes notes from the life-sim aspects of Animal Crossing. You won’t be fighting in Ooblets like you fight in Pokemon. Instead of fists and enegry beams, you’ll be exchanging funky fresh dance moves. The battle system is also going to be card-based, bringing a whole new style of battling in this title. You’ll also be tending and taking care of your little pals by farming. The better your farm is, the happier your little friends are.

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