Ooblets Oobcoop | How to Make Ooblets Farm

Managing your own farm in Ooblets can be stressful, which is why having your Ooblets take care of farming while you go exploring is far more efficient. However, the game does not explain how to make Ooblets look after your farm. The good news is that the process is extremely simple and revolves around one item, an Oobcoop. With that, and the help of this guide, before you know it, you’ll have Ooblets taking care of and managing all of your farming needs.

How to Make Ooblets Farm Using an Oobcoop

How to Make Ooblets Farm Using an Oobcoop

To have Ooblets take care of farming for you, you’ll need Oobcoops. You can make Oobcoops at the Fabricator in the Manatwee store for one Oobsidian, three Clothlets, 15 Nurnies and 10 Planks. Now that you have your Oobcoop, you can place it on your farm and assign an Ooblet to it.

Your Ooblet will only be able to farm in the squares surrounding the Oobcoop. That’s why it’s best to set up your farm so that an Oobcoop covers every square inch of land. That way, your Ooblets will be able to handle all of the farming and you won’t have to.

The level of your Oobcoop determines what farming your Ooblets do. You can house one Ooblet in a level one Oobcoop, and it will clear weeds, rocks, and twigs in the surrounding areas. With that, it will also provide a 5% growth bonus to the adjacent crops. With a level two Oobcoop, two Ooblets will water nearby crops and provide a 10% growth bonus. On top of everything previously mentioned in the lower tier.

Put simply, each Oobcoop upgrade adds an Ooblet slot, a means of productivity, and an increase to the growth bonus. The productivity gained from each upgrade is automatically carried over to the next.

Furthermore, with a level three Oobcoop, you’ll be able to house three Ooblets, have a 20% increase in crop growth, and your Ooblets will now harvest crops. Level four can house four Ooblets, provides a 40% boost to crop growth, and now allows you to place three seeds inside for your Ooblets to plant on their own. Finally, there’s a level five Oobcoop with a built-in heater that reduces your growth time to almost nothing!

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