Ooblets Rainbow Rain | What Does It Do?

This game is frankly wild. Ooblets is a farming simulator game in spirit, but there’s just so much random crap going on that it can be overwhelming. Like, occasionally, the sky just cries a rainbow! Rainbow Rain in Ooblets is a random event that can occur in Badgetown and your own farm. This event comes out of nowhere and… seemingly does nothing. Nobody really seems to care about it, at least. So, what does this thing actually do for you?

What Does Rainbow Rain Do in Ooblets?

Rainbow Rain Ooblets

When the Rainbow Rain event occurs, your farm has a higher chance to spawn Gleamy Ooblets. These rare creatures will be differently colored than standard Ooblets and can produce the incredibly powerful Oobsidian, which is required for endgame content. In addition, during the event, you have a higher chance to naturally find Oobsidian around Badgetown. Unfortunately, this rain cannot spawn Rainplops or water your own crops.

On a day where it is raining rainbow, you’ll need to take the time to explore the town. This is to let you farm new Ooblets and increase the chance that you find Gleamy Ooblets. It is also so you can find the dark rocks that provide Oobsidian. We recommend heading to the northern part of the town. Around the tree house especially seemed to spawn more Oobsidian than anything else.

Gleamy Ooblets are quite easily identifiable by the rainbow trail that follows the Ooblet. These fellas will just randomly spawn Oobsidian every now and then. Not much, though; you’ll still need to farm it yourself! Still, these guys are much more than a pretty face, which can come in handy to make the lategame grind a bit more bearable. We recommend keeping these suckers on the farm, since that seems to be where they are most likely to spawn their resource. However, we won’t blame you for having them be on your Follow Babies team!

This adorable game can have some serious head-scratchers. Here are a few more guides to help you with resources and progression!