Ooblets Rainplops | How to Get

Ooblets is a fun, hilarious little farming game. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is all fun and games. That’s right, there’s an annoying and frustrating side to this otherwise cutesy game. Some of the resources that are required in the game can be hard to grab. Rainplops are a perfect example of an Ooblets resource that are just not that fun to collect. If you’re still having trouble getting this resource, you are not alone. This guide will tell you where you can get these little fellas.

How to Get Rainplops in Ooblets

How to Get Rainplops in Ooblets

Unfortunately, Rainplops are a resource that only spawn during the rare Rain weather event. This happens once in a while, typically once per week. You can usually find between three and five of them around Badgertown, but you can find more if you’re lucky. We recommend spending any day where it is raining just farming these little fellas, since you need them for soggy bread and sprinklers.

Rainplops are just extremely rare, and there’s no working around that. You are fully at the mercy of the game’s weather system. Since they are so incredibly important, make sure not to waste them! There are a few ways to make sure that you aren’t going to.

In general, the Rainplop is best within a Sprinkler. Make the highest quality Sprinklers that you can possibly acquire at the time. The Water Gun is basically worthless. Even though it is very cheap, it still costs a Rainplop. And that’s too much! Even the Medium Sprinkler covers more ground, and has a much more efficient plop-to-resource ratio.

Unfortunately, these are not just for sprinklers. You’ll need Rainplops for select resources throughout the game. In order to make Soggy Bread, you’ll need to sacrifice a rainplop for that. And you’ll need that for a pretty specific dance! Make sure you ration your Rainplops wisely.

Enough negativity! This game is absolutely wonderful, and you can absolutely take the time to smell the… Ooblets… and farm some Plops! Here are a few other guides to help you on your way: