Outriders Ash Status Effect | What Does it Mean?

There are a few ways to keep opponents from hurting you in Outriders. Stun effects are fairly common and very important for late-game safety. That’s why the Ash Status Effect in Outriders is such an important one to keep in mind. Some enemies cause it as well, which means that knowing what Ash does is going to save your skin in more ways than one! If you’re wondering what Ash does, and what inflicts it, this guide will help you out!

Outriders Ash Status Effect Explained

Outriders Ash Status Effect

The Ash status effect in Outriders is an immobilization and stun, causing the target to be unable to do anything. The Pyromancer is the most common ally unit that can cause the status, and can cause it quite easily. This is a status effect that is rarely found on weapon mods. Enemies can also use it often, so escaping it with a melee attack is very important.

The only weapon mod that really gives you Ash is Ashen Bullets. These give you an eight-second cooldown ability to apply Ash, which is great if you’re needing a safety mod.

The Pyromancer is by far the best at applying Ash. Feed the Flames, Ash Blast, and Thermal Bomb (with Ash Grasp) will all apply Ash at some point in their rotation. In addition, you can use Incinerate to cause Ash after your Burn ends, Curse of Pompeii to increase the duration of the stun, and Trial of Ashes to boost your damage against Ash-stunned enemies. The Pyromancer has great synergies with Ash, and thus it might be a good idea to consider a full Ash build… With a few support spells to make your enemies hurt afterward.

When used against you, you can escape Ash by spamming your melee attack. Your character will struggle and then stumble out after long, and it’s rare for you to need to hit the Melee button more than once.

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