Outriders | How to Respec Class Points

There are a ridiculous number of builds that you can make in Outriders. From the three trees in each class, you can get amazing and varied builds by combining skill sets. So, experimentation is really important, and highly encouraged by the game developers at People Can Fly! However, if you’re having trouble using the respec function in Outriders, we don’t blame you! There isn’t any obvious respec station or character customization area. So, where do you go?

How to Respec Class Points in Outriders

Outriders respec

At the bottom left of your class tab, you’ll see the option called “Reset Tree.” This is the respec mechanic, which gives you all of your class points back so you can spend them on whatever skills you want. This is a completely free class respec, and will always be free, so you can experiment however and whenever you want. The respec does not allow you to change your actual class, however, so you’ll still be the same base class!

As a word of warning, this respec option isn’t going to be perfect. You’re going to have the same skills; the skill tree simply augments what you do when you deal damage, and how your skills interact with each other. Great variety, but pretty similar gameplay. If you want to change your class, you’ll need to create a brand new character to try out that class.

Thankfully, the Skill menu is quite similar to the class tree. You can just change your skills on the fly. This means that, while you’re stuck with only one class, you have a ton of combinations of skills at your disposal! You won’t get bored, and you can also build optimally for your environment. That can be really interesting! And there are still enough character slots for you to try things out

Outriders can be played on the major consoles (other than the Switch), Stadia, and on PC through Steam. Are you interested in more Outriders? Check out some of our other guides on this death world!