Outriders Legacy Quest Walkthrough Guide

Like others in its genre, Outriders is home to plenty of side quests for players to complete and gain some goodies to help them on their adventure. After some time with it, you should obtain a side mission known as the Legacy quest. You discover a body with a love letter about a woman named Lucy. The deceased Outrider intrigues you, so you decide to find this mystery woman to get some answers. In this guide, we will walk you through what you need to do to unlock and complete the Legacy side quest.

How to Complete the Legacy Quest in Outriders

Before you can complete the Legacy quest, you’ll need to unlock the Wreckage Zone area, which is done by completing the Mentor quest. Keep going through the main objectives until you complete the Detour mission; that is where you will be able to get your hands on this quest. In Trench Town, you will find a man hanging next to your camp. Investigate the body, and you will get started.

The Wreckage Zone

Once in the Wreckage Zone, head over to Lucy to discover the hatch that your fellow Outriders used, do her a favor then she will give you the key.

You will need to find Monique inside of the Wreckage Zone. Travel through to find a red door that will take you to Clearwater Springs. You will want to look for the specific door with a sign, as following the waypoint may take you to the wrong area.

In the new area, enemies will start attacking. Clear it out and head up. You will plant the flag, which unlocks this for fast traveling. Now that it’s secure continue up until a cutscene starts. After watching the cinematic, head back to where you were to talk to Lucy again. She will give you the key for the hatch now.


In the Quarry, look around the south end of your camp and start clearing logs. You will find the Nesting Grounds once you open the area up. Enemies will start to spawn, so kill them to make your way to the hatch.

Follow the waypoint to find the hatch on the ground. Open it then you will open another door once you are inside to be in the Outriders’ bunker. Look around for clues and collecting anything you find. Once you are down, you will fast travel to Forest Enclave.

Forest Enclave

For this part of the Legacy quest, look around to find either Mercer Acosta inside of the camp. You will learn about Sergio’s expedition, which you will be tasked with finding the remains of it.

In the Enclave Outskirts, to find the expedition, you will take care of any enemies you find along the way. Once things look safe, plant the flag to make this into a fast travel point.

Start heading out west. Deeper into the environment, you will cross a river which will greet you with a horde of hungry foes. Keep your distance as it is a lot and can overwhelm you if you are not careful.

Since you are a boss, you will survive and reach the camp. To no surprise, more enemies will appear. Secure the area and find Sergio’s body. He will have a note that you will grab and can read. Return it to Mercer at the Forest Enclave.

Quarry Part 2

Yes, you are back at the Quarry. After talking with Mercer, make your way back to the Outriders’ bunker for the next part of the Legacy quest. Enemies will pop up that you will need to kill. When you are done with that mess, you will open a door and go down deeper to find some more clues like you did earlier.

The Gate

Fast travel to The Gate, where you will meet Kang’s soldiers who are in your way as you look for Sarah Tanner. Take out the henchmen and follow the waypoint. Another wave will come after you. Kill them and start looking for a tent. Once you find it, you will discover a body with a key next to it. Grab that to enter the final stage of the Legacy quest.

Quarry Finale

Yes, you are done with the Quarry after this part of the mission. Head back to the bunker to fight some new enemies who keep thinking it is a good idea to come here when you are around. Once that is finished, use the key you got to discover the secret behind this bunker.

Go inside the unlocked room to watch a cutscene. An attack happens with a horde of enemies. To make the stakes higher, you have to disarm a nuke. Once you are done with this, a cutscene will play and you will be rewarded for all of your hard work.

Congratulations, you finished the Legacy quest in Outriders. Enjoy your goodies, and keep on playing the looter shooter.

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