Outriders Level Cap | What Is the Max Level?

Like most RPGs, Outriders has an endgame in mind when you step onto the battlefield. Getting to the endgame is pretty critical, and naturally, it’s going to be a fairly long grind to get there. However, it’s important to keep in mind what the level cap of Outriders is, so you can start planning around your endgame build. So, what is the cap? And how much of that is getting actual skill points?

What is the Max Level Cap in Outriders?

Outriders level cap

The level cap in Outriders is 30, which means that once your Character or Class level is 30, your character will not level up further. However, there is also a World Tier system that boosts the quality of loot and gear that you get. That means you get to unlock World Tier 15 to get the highest difficulty, and strongest enemies, that the game has to offer.

Out of those 30 levels, 20 of them are class points, and the other few are unlocking skills and class features. So you’re consistently unlocking skills and features the entire time, which is a huge boon to your leveling career!

You level up World Tier by playing on the highest tier available to you. Once you beat that World Tier, then the next one is unlocked. This upgrades to 15 total levels, which boosts enemy levels by 12, dropped item levels by 12, and gives you a massive gear bonus. This is where you want to get to if you really want to max out your character’s power level for future content.

In addition to World Tier, there is also Challenge Tier. These are unlocked by doing expeditions and are the only way to get Level 50 gear. To climb that far, you’ll have to do a lot of expeditions! So, get to that endgame real fast, reach the max level for your character, and smash your expeditions! That’s how you become a legend on this planet.

Outriders is available on all major non-Nintendo consoles, PC, and Stadia. Want some more guides on this game? Check out some of ours!