Outriders Max Skill Points | Is There a Limit?

As you start shooting your way through Outriders, you might want to think about your build path. You’re playing an RPG after all, so the build is going to be critical to your endgame success. Because of that, knowing your max skill points count is less of a spoiler and more of a preparation. As you level up through Outriders, you are incentivized to take certain paths. So how many ranks can you put into skills?

How Many Skill Points Can You Get in Outriders?

Max Skill Points

At the time of writing, the max skill points you can earn per skill tree class is 20. You gain these skill points – or class points – over the course of 30 levels in an individual class. These skill points are invested in a class skill tree, where skills can be purchased to invest in specific (or multiple) builds.

Your class XP is a little bit different from your World Tier. Your class XP is a blue bar above your World Tier, and raises as you kill enemies and complete quests. World Tier barely matters for leveling, if at all; it only increases your quality of loot drops. You’re looking for your class level, which you can find in the Class tab of your pause menu.

You can build up your skills into three different trees. Each tree requires some dedication to build down it; 13 total features, if you want to just get straight to the final ability of the tree. This is not including the multiple sidepaths that you might be interested in, nor the synergy abilities that sit halfway between the trees. Unfortunately, because you only get a max of 20 skipp points, you’re going to have to give up a ton of these skills and focus on your synergy options!

Thankfully, you can reclass anytime by hitting the “Reset Tree” button in the bottom left corner. This will refund your points for you, and is completely free! Experiment with your build until you find something that legitimately clicks for you.

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