Outriders Shaman Warlord | How to Beat

The Shaman Warlord of Outriders is a frustrating mini-boss to run into in the best of times. In the worst, Chain Lightning can absolutely devastate an entire squad of Outriders in an instant. This can be one of the more annoying encounters in the game to run into unprepared, with it spamming lightning and destroying any build with subpar resistance. However, once you know the secrets to fighting the Shaman Warlord, you’ll crush it every single time it shows up in your game!

How to Beat the Shaman Warlord in Outriders

Outriders Shaman Warlord

The Shaman Warlord in Outriders is countered by closely reading their abilities and acting accordingly. So, for the Shield Toss, evade sideways, and stop shooting seem to be the best tactics. For the Chain Lightning, use an Interrupt to stop it before it goes off. Dodge roll the close range slam, and run sideways during the ground-based AoE attacks to avoid getting hit. You can’t really shoot during the Shield Toss or the Lightning Bolt Storm.

The Warlord is going to be a defensive fight. Your gunning phases are between attacks, or while he’s staggered from the interrupt. You can shoot during the slam (especially if you’re not the target), but you should try to not get hit first. Your health regen will only save you so much, especially if you’re surrounded by adds in the meanwhile!

A huge problem with the Warlord is it’s health pool which… Sadly, there’s no real answer to. It just has a ton of health compared to other elites. Spend cooldowns and try and go for critical hits on it to burn it between attack phases.

For defenses, check your build to see what your Resistance is. If this thing is absolutely destroying you, it might be a Resistance problem. There aren’t many spellcasters in the game, so it’s relatively hard to notice if your armor isn’t quite durable enough. However, it’s important for minibosses and some of the more crazier boss fights to keep your Resistance at a decent level.

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