Outriders Status Effects Explained | What Does Each Effect Mean?

Outriders is an RPG, and in RPGs it’s important to know how dangerous status effects are. From the absolutely devastating statuses in Borderlands 1 to the more mediocre stuff in games like Rogue Legacy, these effects are always an important weapon. Because of that, Outriders has a large range of dangerousness to work with! What does each status effect in the game do, and which ones are worth working towards?

All Outriders Status Effects Explained

Outriders Status Effects

Outriders has pretty abstract status effects. There are 11 total, and all of them are fairly important to know about and use. Monsters and players have access to some of these effects, mostly by using weapon mods or class skills. Monsters can not use Exposed, Immobilize, or Marked (at least, as of what we know right now!).

  • Ash: Immobilized and unable to perform actions. Useful stun, and a big reason to become a Pyromancer. If you are ashed, melee to break free.
  • Bleed: You take damage whenever you move. You can avoid it by… Standing still, for a while. The Devastator has the most natural Bleed progression.
  • Burn: Another reason to take the Pyromancer, this simply does Fire damage over time. You can put it out on yourself by rolling.
  • Freeze: Extremely similar to Ash. You’re immobilized and must spam melee until you break free. This time, this is a part of the Technomancer, with the Cryo Turret and Cold Snap being the most simple sources.
  • Slow: You have a movement speed debuff. Right now, it seems that only players have access to this. The Trickster has the easiest access, with its basic melee applying it, and the Temporal Blade (and similar abilities) augmenting it.
  • Toxic: Like Fire, but poisonous. Unlike Fire, you can only remove it by being healed while it’s on you. The Technomancer gets the best Toxic synergy stuff, especially in Demolisher and Pestilence.
  • Vulnerable: You get to apply a damage taken increase. This is a Devastator and Tech Shaman special.
  • Weakness: You deal less damage. No class specializes in this, but weapon mods are great at applying it.

There you have it, a full breakdown of all the Outriders status effects. Hopefully knowing what each one does will help make your gameplay experience a little more enjoyable!

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