Outriders Untamed Power | What Does It Do?

The various mods in Outriders are an essential part of keeping up as the game’s difficulty begins to increase with the player’s level and World Tier. One particular mod players may have seen while disassembling spare gear is the one labeled Untamed Power. The question is, what does it do?

What is Untamed Power in Outriders?

Outriders Untamed Power

Untamed Power is an armor mod that can be found on armor rated rare or higher. A Tier 2 mod, it can be equipped regardless of the player’s starting class, though you can only mod armor rated rare or higher. In order to use the mod during crafting, the player needs to disassemble a weapon with the mod equipped to it.

A player with the mod will trigger an explosion around them whenever they use a skill. The explosion will do 30% of Anomaly damage to enemies within five meters (or about five and a half yards) of the player. The mod does not have a cooldown time, and will trigger anytime you use your skills.

A player may want to consider the mod in a build with a heavy emphasis on using skills and AP. For example, a player using the “Aura of Force” mod will increase both their and their teammate’s AP for ten seconds after killing an enemy with a critical hit.

Combine this with the Critstack mod, which increases AP and Firepower for five seconds after scoring a critical hit, and the damage Untamed Power does will see a significant increase.

Something else to consider is that melee attacks count as a skill in the game, meaning every time you punch you’re sending out a pulse of AP. A creative player can even start a viable melee build with the mod as the main focus.

A pattern of Melee, Ability, Melee can lead to the player constantly sending pulses of AP, using one while the other is on cooldown. Melee attacks, and certain abilities that work with this build, also count as interrupts, leading to the potential to stun lock enemies.

Adding the Tier 3 armor mods Brawl and Martial Arts can also supplement this build. The first of these increases melee damage by 100%, while the latter decreases the cooldown time of melee skills by 50%.

Most Outriders players trying this build will likely be doing it with the Devastator class, as their melee passive inflicts the Bleed status on enemies around them while their healing mechanic restores health when nearby enemies die. Mods that increase the effectiveness of Bleed can further increase the effectiveness of the class.

With Outriders still very early in its lifespan, there is potential for new builds and uses for Untamed Power to be discovered by the more creative people playing the game, or to adjust as the game is updated and rebalanced. Until then, experiment, and see how you can implement the mod into your own loadout.

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