Outriders Vulnerable Status Effect | What Does it Mean?

Outriders is not exactly a simple game when it comes to statuses. There are a ton of different ways to boost your damage, outside of within skill effects. One of these abilities that you should look out for in Outriders is the Vulnerable Status Effect. Whenever you apply Vulnerability, your party should be ready, since it’s super important to fight around the application of Vulnerability. But, what does it actually do, and what builds apply it? Find out in this quick guide!

What Does the Vulnerable Status Effect Mean in Outriders?

Outriders Vulnerable Status Effect

The Vulnerable Status Effect in Outriders is a short duration status that boosts damage taken by 25%. Testing has shown this to be between 5 to 10 seconds, limiting the time you have to do your DPS rotations. The most common way to apply it is through weapon mods, but the Technomancer has plenty of good ways to gain access to the little damage burst.

We’re not sure how long Vulnerability lasts exactly; our best guess is the standard five seconds. That means you have a very limited time to destroy your target with shots and skills before it times out.

There are two weapon mods that apply Vulnerability—Vulnerability Bullets and Improved Vulnerability Bullets. These just have a chance of applying the status effect whenever you shoot a monster, with a cooldown (8 base, 4 improved).

The Devastator, with some armor mods, gains access to Vulnerability. Reflect Bullets and Endless Mass use Hollow Point and Mosh Pit, respectively, to apply Vulnerable. The Technomancer can do this task much easier, with Exposing Frost and Exposing Toxin. These skills cause Freeze or Toxic to also apply Vulnerable. Then, the Marked for Execution tree increases the damage buff of Vulnerable by 40% (so, to 35% and 45% for each node). That can be extremely useful, especially with all the ways that a Tech Shaman can apply Vulnerable! Perfect for a multiplayer support class.

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